Geeks, start your engines! The Culture Crew recorded early this week because Nascar had it’s opening race!

Brad and Christina have happily upped their cable package and Glenn’s been playing Tabula Rasa, and has finally gotten his Staff of Infinite Mystery from WoW. Brad and Christina talk about the differences between Nascar and drag racing, and the gang discusses the new Speed Racer. Glenn gives a shout out to David Mack, announcing his new childrens book “The Shy Creatures”.

In our dvd players this week, Brad and Christina have been watching Torchwood. They debate Freema Ageyman versus Billie Piper. They’ve watched Flash Gordon, Stargate Atlantis, and talk about Stargate: Ark of Truth. They rejoice the end of the writers’ strike, Glenn’s watching Jericho, and is finishing up the second season of Lost. Glenn’s bought The Brave One, and following the Naveen Andrews theme, they argue whether or not English Patient is strictly a “chick” movie. Brad’s got Death Proof, and they’ve picked up the first four seasons of 24 for hellacheap on dvd. Enticing Glenn with his copy, Brad talks him into buying his own copy of Blade:Season 1. Christina’s got the Collector’s Edition of Dark Crystal, and received Across The Universe from Brad for Valentine’s Day. Glenn finally got to watching Blood & Chocolate, and looks forward to seeing Jumper at the theater.

Geek Cuisine is as nuts as we are, as we enjoy Nut & Butter Crunch Snickers.

We buy stuff so you don’t have to!  Brad’s Valentine’s presents were Playboy and Wizard magazines, Stargate:SG1 Barque of Heaven and Doctor Who: Forever Autumn.  Christina regales her nightstand incident, for which Brad bought her a Green Arrow figure in consolation. Brad got a pack of Halo 3 Hero Clix, and his copy of Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty. Adding to his comic shelf, Brad’s picked up the first collection of Witchblade comics from Top Cow, Serenity:Those Left Behind in hardcover, and The House of M from Marvel. Glenn adds “Empowered” to his collection.

Thanks so much to Buffy:Between The Lines, J.C. Hutchins and “The UltraCreatives Interview Series”. A huge thank you to The Great Luke Ski for his timely “Jack Bauer”.

By Brad

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