Stand back! It’s time for the 96th episode of PodCulture!

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There can be only one guilty pleasure this week as Glenn brings us Highlander: The Source. Not only is Christina happy to see Adrian Paul, but to hear the Queen songs again.

Got candy? This week’s geek cuisine is Raspberry Three Musketeers.

Gamer geeks at heart, we’re playing and clicking and strumming this week. Glenn’s excited about the new WoW patch, playing Rainbow Six Vegas,Call of Duty 4, Ghost Recon 2, and has pre-ordered Rainbow Six 2. Brad bought Rock Band, Christina’s an addict, and now they’ve got Guitar Hero 2 and 3. Brad’s picked up Bullet Witch and Bomberman:Act Zero. Brad’s got his newest holy grail, his Nintendo DS. He’s got his DS Browser, Retro Atari, Transformers Autobots, Metroid Prime Pinball, Star Trek:Tactical Assault, Meteos, and Mario Kart DS. The two are jealous of Glenn, now that he’s got Lost: Via Domus. Brad defends the Yaris game on XBox 360.

“They have chosen….poorly”. Brad and Christina backed the HD camp, so with their HD dvd drive for the XBox 360, they’re collecting the remains of the Blu-Ray massacre. They had an interesting experience picking up some titles, but have come back with Constantine, Face-Off, V for Vendetta, Apollo 13 and Beowulf. Brad’s picked up Breakfast Club and Smallville season 6 on dvd. Titles that came with his players include King Kong, Bourne Identity and 300. His favorite HD prize is Star Trek: Season 1. The boys talk about backwards compatibility on the PS 3, and HD versus Blu-Ray.

Promos come cordially from the Strangely Literal Podcast, and The Zombie Channel. A plane-full of thanks to Barenaked Hurley for his song “Don’t Have Island Love”.

By Brad

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