Welcome to the 95th episode of PodCulture!

If you haven’t already heard, PodCulture was nominated for ‘Best Eclectic ‘ podcast at the Podcast Peer Awards! If you’re a fellow podcaster, register for the site, and drop us a vote!

Glenn’s playing WoW, and went to see Spiderwick Chronicles. Christina’s a Rock Band junkie. All three are looking forward to the next Indy movie!

Make room on the couch! Glenn’s watching Chaos, and Brad and Christina are watching the usual geek fodder. They’re keeping up with Sarah Connor Chronicles, and plan “Terminator:The Musical”. Christina’s loving Stargate Atlantis, and Torchwood, but dreads watching the MacGyver episode of Mythbusters. The trio talks about the new Knight Rider series. Glenn’s finally getting caught up on Lost! The boys have both picked up 30 Days of Night and Justice League:New Frontier. Glenn’s got Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher, Voogie’s Angel, and Crossworlds. Brad’s picked up Fido, The Wild, White Noise, Transmorphers, Flight of the Living Dead and Velveteen Rabbit. Brad also finds good deals at DeepDiscount.com, with Crusade, Adventures of Brisco County, Jr, and The Flash. Christina plans to order Hamlet, Dark Portal, and Death At A Funeral.

Geek Cuisine is Reese Peanut Butter Whoppers.

Promos come graciously from Joe from “On The Podcast”, Megan from “Podcast Junky”, and Cup Car Update. Thank you very much to the fantastic Barenaked Hurley for “Oops, Locke Did It Again”.

By Brad

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