We’d like to thank the Academy…oh, wait…wrong award…

We’d love to thank our fellow podcasters for voting for us, and helping us win the Podcast Peer Award for “eclectic podcast”! Thank you so very much for voting!

Glenn gets one last guilt in for Easter with Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy.

The movie shelves are busting this week as Brad and Christina add White Noise 2, Rush Hour 3, Ringers: Lord of the Fans, and Sands of Oblivion. They’ve given their ill-fated HD dvd shelf company with the uber-geek five disc Blade Runner set, TMNT, and The Last Starfighter (which spawns a discussion about classic sci-fi movies). Glenn pre-ordered the pair of National Treasure movies on Blu-ray. Take the poll with us about how long it will take Glenn to buy a PS3, just so he can play his movies!

Geek Cuisine is Chocolate Malt Crunch Hershey Kisses! We talk about the blasphemy of caffeine free Mountain Dew.

We close the show with game-related carpal tunnel, and the impossibility of the Rock Band drums, and the new Incredible Hulk movie.

Thanks muchly to the podcast audio drama Geek By Night for the hilarious promos, and to the band Nuclear Bubble Wrap for their great parody of “Still Alive”.

By Brad

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