99 red balloons don’t hold a candle to PodCulture’s 99th episode!!

We begin with regaling the adventure of Ashlee’s farewell party, Do you remember the moment you realize, for the first time, that you’re part of the “old people” demographic of a party? Christina does! Having successfully infected Canada with Robo Vampire, we consider it a weekend well spent.

What’s gluing our couches to our potatoes this week? Glenn’s caught up with Lost! (Everybody say it with me, “FINALLY!!”) Brad and Christina are holding their breath for the last episode of Torchwood. Christina rewatched the pilot for Battlestar Galactica, and they disagree on the HD packaging. Glenn fills us in on a possible Constantine sequel and the deal of Painkiller Jane on dvd.  Glenn bought Hitman on dvd, and we talk about games that turn into movies. Christina receives the best present ever! Brad gave her Condorman on dvd! The gang talks about the legality of recording things to watch later. The two have stockpiled Doctor Who, and they’ll fill in the gaps between current season. Brad has a venomous dislike for Catherine Tate. Glenn’s looking forward to The Mist coming out on dvd, Christina talks about the movies they’ve ordered, and is ridiculous excited by Sweeney Todd on dvd.

Brad announces that the Bluegrass Browncoats site is back from rim!

Geek Cuisine celebrates Indiana Jones with Mint Crunch M & Ms.

Brad and Christina have rescued a few more koalas from the black hole called Ebay. Glenn’s got two editions of Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego, and Dark Ivory comics. Brad’s got new BSG toys, Green Lantern Minimates from Christina, the “hall of armor” Iron Man set (to go with his Iron Man shirt), and X-Men figures. Not to leave the book shelf bereft, he’s got The Petty Family Album.

Creator of The Rocketeer, Dave Stevens, has passed away, and Glenn speaks about him.

We conclude this week with Glenn is doing “research” at Horror Hound Weekend next week, and will be enjoying the new WoW patch. The trio discuss what the best parts of the past 99 episode have been. Brad is looking for someone to take care of our MySpace page.

We’d like to thank everyone (again) who voted for us in the Podcast Peer Awards, and thank you even more to those who have listened to us for 99 episode, and we look forward to many, many more.

Promos come courtesy of  J.C. Hutchins  and his “Ultra Creative Interviews” series, Mike’s Hot Dish, and our own near and dear The GeekSpin!

By Brad

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