After a lovely introduction by the gently-wafting Captain Hammer, we welcome Adam back to the studio for another show!

We begin with a Stargate Louisville segment, as Adam is warping through the first six seasons of Stargate SG-1! We reminisce about our favorite characters and lines, and Brad and Christina review Stargate Continuum, and enjoy the preview of the new Stargate Atlantis. How will Robert Picardo play the new head of SGA? What do you think the ninth chevron does? Love the movie, hate the show? Love the show, hate the movie? Let us know! Brad and Christina do a mini Geek and Tell, and show of their new Stargate Vala, Mitchell and Smoking Man Ori Prior. Help Christina, and let her know what the extra piece of the DHD does?

Geek Cuisine is one of the newest flavors of Hershey Kisses, Marshmallow Cream!

Christina lets the BBC take over the dvd shelf as she buys series three of Doctor Who, Casanova, and Jekyll. Brad’s bought Fantastic 4:World’s Greatest Heroes, Birds of Prey and Voyagers.

Voicemail! Thank you to Jonathan from Birmingham for his thoughts about the JMS bombshell on Babylon 5 Thank you so much to Andy (aka Freehold South) gives it all to us in a nutshell.Thank you to Kentucky John for the senseless violence against koalas in the Futurama movie. Matthew calls in and talks about Transformers toys.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 113: The Horrible Doctor Babylon – Part B”
  1. *sniffs* G-Force was such a letdown when viewed as an adult. As a kid, it was the best, worth coming in from outside to watch. Now, I look at it and wonder what kind of dumba** kid I was back then.

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