Brad and Christina welcome Adam back into the studio for another round of torture…I mean fun!

Christina takes the first roll of the dice talking about her games Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Hero, entreating listeners to think outside the box. On the suggestion of Orange Lounge Radio, Brad’s picked up Blast Works for the Wii. The three muse on the superiority of the Wii and the X Box over the PS3 when it comes to their online sharing. Adam’s having LAN parties with a mod of Half Life 2 called Zombie Master. Christina talks about the preview of Flight of the Living Dead on their BBC dvd, and are you as weirded out as she is that Brad now owns Brad gleams about his new iPod Touch and the many awesome apps.

Geek Cuisine recants the childhoods of lore with Candy Sticks (aka cigarettes) from Marvel.

Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher brings Glenn back into the studio for Guilty Pleasures! We talk about how both Matthew Blackheart and Robo Vampire are on Netflix.

In closing, the three talk about the connections between Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and the rest of the Whedonverse.

Thank you to The Zombie Channel for their promo, and to Kurt in St. George for his voicemail about JMS and Babylon 5. Mur Lafferty asks us to head to Amazon on August 25th to pick up “Playing For Keeps” in print. Thanks and love to The Babylon Podcast for their promo.

By Brad

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