Welcome back my Geeklings!

Geek And Tell finds Brad and Christina with the shiniest tech gear Brad’s gotten thus far (and gear Christina has not seen the likes of), in their new iPhones. Brad’s now ticking the “Mac Curious” demographic box, and Christina got to be Donna Noble for a bit, while he bought an old iMac 3G pc on eBay. Glenn’s gotten some new phone swag himself, and tells us about Magic Jack.

We indulge our sweet teeth with Hershey Kisses Cookies & Cream. Should white chocolate be considered “real” chocolate? What do you think?

In closing, Glenn says find Hell Ride trailers, Christina asks for cool music suggestions, Adam says play Soul Calibur 4, and Brad is irked with Yahoo.

Thanks so very much to The Mean Mommies Club, Astral Audio and Seth Harwood’s podio novel “Young Junius”.

And hey! If you’re going to be in Atlanta for Dragon Con, look us up! You’ll probably find Brad in the Podcasting rooms (or following Jewel Staite), and Christina will be zipping around near the British TV track (or following Gareth David-Lloyd). Or join us both for the Parsec Awards and wish us luck on Saturday night!

By Brad

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