The guilt comes first this week as one of Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures welcomes us all back into the studio!

This one finds us at “Doomsday”, to which even the salesman at Best Buy suggested, “Rent it.” The boys talk about Rhona Mitra, the original Con Model for Laura Croft. We muse about the future of Blu-ray content, and cross our fingers and click our heels that the likes of Wizard of Oz and other classic Hollywood musicals make it to the new medium.

Geek And Tell finds Glenn saddened at the prospect of now owning the last issue of Warren Ellis’ “Black Summer”, but finds solace in his new copy of “The Art of Witchblade”, and some of the great art by the late Michael Turner. Christina plans to pick up the dvd set of the Witchblade series, the gang talks about the anime, and Brad is surprised to find out that Yancy Butler is supposed to be a guest at Dragon Con. Brad has also added two new Green Lantern figures to the emerald fortress, with DC Direct’s Batman as a Green Lantern figure and an Infinite Heroes Guy Gardner Green Lantern figure. He’s also added Artoo Potatoo and a Spud Trooper to his shelf of plastic starch.

We wrap up this episode geeking about what the boys call one of the most beautiful games to come to a console in years, Soul Calibur 4. They’ve got it for the X Box 360, but do you have it for the PS3? Tell us what you think? We continue about the beauty of Bioshock and the beast of Thrill Kill. What’s your favorite, most visually stunning game?

Thank you so much to our fellow Louisvillian for the voicemail about the girly geekness of Colin Firth. Christina will have to watch Bridget Jones, Importance of Being Earnest, Pride and Prejudice, Fever Pitch and Love Actually, and get back to you. Oh, the things she puts herself through for her listeners!

Our promos come graciously from Mur Lafferty, asking her readers to pick up her upcoming printed novel “Playing for Keeps”, and from Jack Jaffee for his podio novel “Down The Road”.

By Brad

6 thoughts on “PodCulture 116: Epic Blue Marks – Part B”
  1. Correction – (On my part) 😀
    During Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure segment talking about the movie “Doomsday” and “Beowulf” – I mention an upcoming sci-fi movie based on “Beowulf” – It actually stars Jim Caviezel (not Christian Bale as I said) and is called “Outlander”. Sorry for the mistake!

  2. You’ve forgot the work Rhona Mitra did for the longest time. She was on the last few seasons of The Practice then moved over to Boston Legal where she was Alan Shore’s girlfriend. In one of the BL episodes, she appears in a Robin costumn and it was something to behold. Just wanted to add that.

  3. Thanks “Dafixer”. I don’t watch much mainstream television these days (although I hear Boston Legal is really good…and it does have Shatner). I really must see pics of Rhona as Robin…reminds me of “Beyond The Valley of the Dolls” and the costume party. I met the girl that wore the Robin costume in that movie, when I commented on the quality of the costume she informed me they got it from the FOX wardrobe department…it was the real one used on the Batman TV show!

    Oh, and I just read about “Outlander”, I thought it sounded a LOT like Beowulf. I wonder if they changed it around because of all the Beowulf movies the last few years?

  4. After the last session, we might have been able to use some of that “Jim Jones Kool-Aid” flavor to cleanse our pallets.

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