After an introduction by eyecandy himself, Gareth David Lloyd, we begin this week’s episode of PodCulture!

While Brad and Christina were at Dragon Con, Glenn has been playing Soul Calibur 4 and working on his house.

Glenn has picked up Heroes season 2 on dvd, is all caught up in time for the season premiere, and has also obtained Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Supernatural. We are split down the middle about whether or not we’re looking forward to the series opener of Smallville. Brad and Christina are catching up with Stargate Atlantis, and she is looking forward to Life On Mars. Glenn is excited about Fringe, Dollhouse and the rumored “worst science fiction movie ever” Babylon A.D.

Our Geek Cuisine is the 80’s “pop”culture favorite, Pop Rocks.

The Dragon Con shopfest was tamer than last year. Brad has brought home three new koalas, and the halloween kitty from Build A Bear. The pair got autographs from Cliff Simon, Gareth David Lloyd, Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin. Although he wasn’t there, a Derek Jacobi’s autograph came home with them, too. Christina is now the happy owner of a Robert Lewellyn autograph, and even happier to say how lovely he was. Brad has also picked up two Serenity ornaments, and Christina has found the scarecrow action figure from Doctor Who. Glenn has got a Beowulf figure from Spawn.

Promos come from The Weird Show, Star Wars: Codename Starkeeper, and Future Traditions: A Jericho Podcast.

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 119: The Wrath of Con – Part A”
  1. Hayden Panettiere was upset about basically not being allowed to talk to ANYONE at Dragon*Con. She wasn’t allowed out of her room without an escort because NBC had her on lockdown because they didn’t have any say so in her attending Dragon*Con and, because of that, weren’t in a position to send anyone with her or James Kyson Lee from the NBC PR department to make sure she didn’t leak any spoilers.

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