Opening this week’s episode, Brad brings about a potentially controversial discussion. Is podcasting a legitimate media? Do you consider a podcast a valid press medium? If you were at Dragon*Con this year, did you notice changes? What did you think?

What did we bring for Geek and Tell? Brad and Christina have Sapphire and Steel, the first series of Transformers Animated, and Witchblade: The Series on DVD. Behold the bookshelves, as Brad adds to the collection. Digital Magic by Philippa Ballantine, The Case of The Pitcher’s Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery by Tee Morris, and Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps. Glenn’s picked up The Judas Strain by James Rollins. Christina is absolutely in love with her set of Brainwave Suite cds by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Thanks a million tons to Stuart for his fantastically wonderful prezzie! The Ultimate SFX Trivia book, Star Wars Pocket Model, Doctor Who magnets, Farscape and Primeval posters, and a mylar Cylon poster. And to Mark, aka Jayhawk, our most grateful thanks for the Doctor Who Infinite Quest and series 2 of Primeval.

Brad and Christina talk about their friends on Twitter, Glenn’s enjoying playing with listeners on the 360, and Christina is mad about her Darkwing Duck shirt from Hot Topic.

Promos come graciously from Inklings 2.0, and thanks so much to Brian from What The Cast.

By Brad

7 thoughts on “PodCulture 120: The Wrath of Con – Part B”
  1. Dragon*Con TV is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to/with Dragon*Con. It fails under the umbrella of Dragon*Con and it’s staffing needs. Just like the Daily Dragon is the official publication/press for Dragon*Con, Dragon*Con TV is the official television coverage for the convention.

    I know for a fact that the press badges for this year were DRASTICALLY cut back because it was getting out of hand with people requesting press ribbons/credentials.

    There were panels that I wasn’t allowed in because it was full to capacity and I was on staff for the Daily Dragon. The blocking off of chairs for the disabled (and press) was put in the hands of the tracks hosting the panel, such as Whedon Universe, SGOW, American SciFi etc.

    I think you need to look at the numbers of listeners/downloaders/etc. It might be a case of asking Farpoint Media to talk to the D*Con press office about badges next year.

    And, just for clarification, there are more press badges given out for sci-fi/fantasy online magazines/blogs than traditional media. The only traditional media that I know of that had press credentials were a couple of the local tv stations who always provide good press for D*Con and I think the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who, again, provides POSITIVE press for D*Con, especially the parade and charity fund raising that the convention does.

    And Star isn’t a bitch. She doesn’t make the decision on who gets press credentials and who doesn’t. That falls to the senior director to make those decisions and, after having been around the PR/press relations senior director, I don’t envy the decisions she has to make in the slightest.

  2. The real issue here is understanding what “media relations” is for a convention. The “media” isn’t just the press. It’s everything from news media, new media (podcasting, etc.) and outlets that are not what we normally consider press but speak to our audience (HBO, G4TV, …).

    Entities like G4TV had problems getting press credentials. This is a big problem for the convention … G4 gives the con good coverage bu they don’t fall into the traditional new outlets. Some better qualification is required without opening the doors to every one who claims to be “press.”

    If you have issues with seating and handicapped accessibility in panels, talk to convention security.

  3. @lyndasty – You were not the recipient of the emails I recieved from Star in response to my questioning of the decision regarding the press creds. While perhaps I could have phrased it a bit better; I stand by my comments regarding Star 100%.

    As for your comments about the number of listener/downloads…our numbers were smaller last year and even smaller in 2006, and they were good enough then, so why not now, when the show is bigger than in prior years?

    Regarding the suggestion that FPM contact D*C directly next year….good idea, but I believe that was tried to no avail this year.

    @spambrian – I agree with your comments things need to be defined CLEARLY on the D*C site. Even as I recieved the denial from Star (and the less-than-stellar explination) the site was STILL listing podcasts on the media credintal request form. NOWHERE did it ever state that a podcast was not media.

    Toss all that on top of having had credentials the previous couple years, and you have one hell of a lot of confusion, and a slap in the face to people who have helped to promote the con in the past.

    Regarding the accessibility in the panels….it WAS the folks working security who caused the issues in the first place. It was pretty much an isolated event….having only really been an issues at one of the panel locations (the massive new atrium hall at the Marriott)

    For the most part….we can’t say enough good things about most of the D*C staff it is just this year a couple rotten apples spoiled what was to be a fun working vacation for Christina and I.

  4. In regards to “Playing for Keeps”, I’d highly recommend it. I finished it last week and it fast became one of those books that I just kept at because I was reluctant to put down. Besides, I *had* to read it soon, since Brad pretty much literally *ran* back up to his room to get it for me. Thanks Brad!

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