Before we begin, we want to congratulate Brad and our own The GeekSpin for the The PodCast Award for Best PodSafe Music podcast! Exercise your right as podcast listeners, and vote!

Geeking and Telling gets this episode off to a start!  Brad’s picked up Surface on dvd, and Spiderman 3 on blu-ray and Glenn’s got his blu-ray disc of Speed Racer. Adam’s played (and beat) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but looks forward to trading in his copy toward Rock Band 2. The boys talk about the new Halo 3 campaign, look forward to the Quantum of Solace game, and Brad’s pre-ordered Fable 2. Off the clearance rack, Brad’s got Harry Potter’s Order of the Phoenix, and Spiderman 3 for the PS3. Christina is giddy about Little Britain USA.

All four proceded to Geek proper about Rock Band 2.

Matthew from Michigan calls the voicemail line to share some Transformers history with us!

Carmel Apple candy corn continues the Halloween candy Geek Cuisine tradition!

Thanks so much for the promo from How To Grow Your Geek!

By Brad

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