Welcome back, Geeklings!

Glenn opens up this week’s show with the ghoulishly Guilty “Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay”, starring Dominique Delpierre. And yes, folks, it’s on Netflix!

While the PodCulture studios were sans power, Brad picked up books! Firstly, he and Christina REALLY loved the audio drama from Torchwood, called Lost Souls. He’s added to the BBC shelf with “Twilight Streets” and “Something In The Water” from Tochwood, and “Snowglobe 7”, “The Many Hands”, and “Martha In The Mirror” from Doctor Who. On the comic geek side, he’s got DC’s Showcase Presents: Green Lantern Volume 3, Justice League of America: Exterminators, Star Trek New Frontier: Gods Above, Ghosts of Yesterday and the novelization of Transformers the movie, both by Alan Dean Foster. Adding to the comic fodder, he’s also got a Witchblade combo novel, including Talons and Terrible Beauty, and volumes 2 and 3 of the Witchblade graphic novel.

Guess what? Brad’s got Transformers! He’s got Prowl from Transformers Universe, a DC Universe Firestorm figure, Battlestar Galactica classic, and Green Lantern Mini Mates. He’s also got a Hal Jordan DC Universe figure, and a Little Mermaid cup from Best Buy.

Christina’s got a Martian Manhunter figure from The Batman series and a Wicked shirt. She’s got happy feet with two pairs of Halloween socks from her friend, Celeste, and a pair of Scotland socks from her friend, Carol. Glenn’s added a very swank Punisher shirt to his collection. Adam’s got a Stargate SGC shirt from ThinkGeek.com

Geek Cuisine rocks October with Brachs caramel candy corn!

Thanks to Kurt in St George for his voicemail about The Lone Gunmen, and from Emily for her voicemail about Lost! Thanks and gratitude to Tosus for the promo from Der Geek, and to Mark Gunn’s Irish and Celtic Music Podcast!

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