We’re grateful to our friends, Scott, Lindsey, and Ben from Geekshow.us!

The gang geeks deeply about Doctor Who, and the bombshell about David Tennant. Do we think it’s time for change? Are we going to be clinging to his red Chuck Taylors? We talk numbers with regard to regenerations, Steven Moffat at the helm, and prospective Doctor Eleven actors. Brad brings up a controversial interview with Russell T. Davies, and the group discusses fan input in show creation. Are we tired of the Daleks and Cybermen? Companion wars ensue, and we all seem to love a different actress. Who loves Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane and Rose? What will David do next?

We discuss another spark of Steven Moffat genius: Coupling! Where does it cross over with Doctor Who?

Geek Cuisine comes courtesy of Christina’s Secret Pal at work, Crazy Bones Lollipops.

Matthew from Michigan calls in a voicemail about Transformers Titanium “War Within” figure.

Christina opens this Halloween Geek and Tell with her My Little Pony witch. Quantum Mechanix created the “Little Damn Hero” Kaylee figure that Brad brings to the table tonight. He’s also got a plethora of new Green Lantern figures, including the Crisis Black Hand and Sinestro. Glenn and Ben are exercising restraint, and Scott makes a great find on a First Appearance Blue Beetle figure. The group talks about Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and foreign languages in comic books.

Love and thanks to The Obscure 80’s Podcast and Geek Cred for their promos!


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