It’s the Big Apple Episode!

Adam’s been in Wisconsin, and tells us about The Tilted Kilt. Glenn’s been creating Death Knights, and playing Call of Duty. Brad’s been playing the expansion of Fable 2, and trying to upgrade to Vista on the main pc. Christina is in the middle of a House marathon, watching Blackpool. Adam is finally getting into Doctor Who, and finished the first season of Supernatural. Brad and Christina have seen Wicked, the musical.

We go SuperGeek on iPhones and iPod Touches! We talk about our favorite apps, our favorite features, and things that we would improve. Glenn talks about the reasons he doesn’t have one. Is there such a thing as too much convenience? What do you love about yours? If you don’t have one, what are your reasons?

Brad talks about getting his grandfather’s license plate for Christmas, and we uncover the mystery of Twitter’s RoboVampire.

Promos come courtesy of The Signal and Tuning Into Sci Fi TV!

By Brad

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