It was a Blu-ray Christmas in PodCultureland!

We begin this week’s show with new music and movies! Glenn’s picked up some Train cds and Evanescence cds. Adam’s picked up Wall-E, and we talk about the possibility of PodCulture Science Theater. Brad got the 20-cd set Hits From The Musicals from his mom, and they picked up a Jim Butcher novel on cd read by James Marsters. Brad got the cd “Gotta Fly” by Marian Call, and Christina has found her theme tune.

Brad got Christina the two pack of X-Files movies, Mamma Mia and Hairspray on Blu-ray, while Christina got Brad Batman:Dark Knight and Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles. She also got him X-Men Minimates that came with an X-Men dvd. The pair finally have Big Bang Theory, the first season of 4400 and Doctor Who:The Infinite Quest. Brad gets his kung fu on with The Forbidden Kingdom, and the gang talks about digital copies of movies. Could Brad possibly have any more versions of Serenity? He can now! On Blu-ray! Christina has Shaun the Sheep:Off the Baa on dvd, and Brad makes Christina cry with the 25th Anniversary Complete Collection of Fraggle Rock for Christmas.

Dark Chocolate Cherry 3-Musketeers are this week’s Geek Cuisine. Can you believe Brad and Glenn were frat boys?

We’re Tellin’ and Geekin’! Brad’s got a gaggle of Green Lantern figures, including a new box set, Toma Re, another Hal Jordan, an animated style Sinestro and a six piece Toys R Us Exclusive set. Plus a DC Universe Infinite Heroes set with Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Black Canary.

In closing, Christina talks about her shirt from Elizabeth that reads “Mom says I ride the short bus because I’m special”. We talk about all the things we loved about 2008.

Promos come from the cracking British Invaders Podcast, JT’s Indie Christian Music Podcast and Mark Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

By Brad

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