Brad, Christina and Adam welcome our lovely listeners to this week’s Galactic episode.

We begin with discussion about Battlestar Galactica. Those who wish to remain spoiler-free, may wish to sit this first segment out.(Skip to the twenty minute mark)  What do you think about the ‘earth that was’? Do you have a theory about the Fifth Cylon? What do you think about the prophecy? E-mail us, or call the voicemail!

We’re geeking and cuisining this week with Hershey’s Miniatures Mint Collection

The cheese gets a little more binding as Glenn brings us Feast 2 for Guilty Pleasures! (Yep, you can NetFlix it!)

Christina talks about Facebook, and finding her friends from high school and grade school, and gives them a shout out. Find us on Twitter and Facebook!

They return after watching the 3rd episode of Battlestar Galactica. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, and wish to remain as pure as the driven snow, you may want to sign off at the fifty minute mark.

Promos come from Star Wars Codename:Starkeeper from Indiana Jim, I Should Be Writing and The British Invaders Podcast!

By Brad

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