We open this week’s geekstravaganza, missing our Glenn-shaped co-host, but ready to get nerdy!

Adam has his computer back, and is clocking his new quad core to the max! Christina is addicted to Mafia Wars and Vampires on her iPhone and Facebook, and Space Wars and Pirates on Facebook (if you play, drop her an e-mail, and join her crews!) Brad was blown away by the Dollhouse finale, and he and Christina wish Glenn was there to discuss the season cliffhanger for Lost. The boys talk about the Star Trek prequel graphic novel, and the illusive Bad Robot.

Christina hops back down the bunny trail, and presents edible easter grass Geek Cuisine.

Thank you so very much to our Number One Groupie, Andy, for his voicemailed views of Star Trek!

Ashlee and Glenn return to talk some shop. Glenn has seen the Watchmen Motion Comic, and Brad anticipates the animated Green Lantern movie. Brad and Christina have watched Next Avengers, and they discuss whether or not to buy animated movies on Blu-Ray. They’ve watched The Hulk, and enjoyed it, despite some creative liberties. Glenn and Ashlee have seen Wolverine, and the gang discusses how it treated Deadpool. Adam’s been watching the Nathan Fillion-tastic Castle.

(Disclaimer: We’d like to apologize for the frackedness of Adam’s microphone)

Brad discusses streaming media from the pc to devices like the 360 or the PS3. When Ashlee hasn’t been busy making geeky pottery for her friends, she’s watched Fanboys, Wolverine, Watchmen. With her friends, she’s seen the G.I. Joe cartoons, Wonderwoman, the Hulk Versus movies, and Brad tries to get her to watch Dollhouse. Ashlee has also been inducted into the smegging world of Red Dwarf!

We welcome Adam’s mic back to the land of the living, and he and Ashlee discuss Left 4 Dead and Halo on the PC versus the 360. She’s addicted to both Peggle and Scrabble, and the boys immediately take it to the basement level!

In the second round of Geek Cuisine, Glenn and Ashlee enjoy the hippity hoppity Edible Easter Grass. Will they live to tell the tale?

Promos come from Mur Lafferty, with her upcoming novel Heaven: War. and The Parsec Awards!

By Brad

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