The prodigal geek returns, and the entire PodCulture crew is back for its 150th episode!

Glenn’s goes from the run for the roses in Derby 135 back to grinding for gold in World of Warcraft. They discuss the idea of multiple accounts, and expanding content in games like WOW and City of Heroes. Adam’s got the newest levels in Left 4 Dead, and is mourning the death of his computer. It’s untimely demise is even worse timing, since Adam is back working on CGI for The Bellflower and Battlestar Diaspora. Christina’s been running her sackboy ragged in Little Big Planet, and healing her wounds with House. She’s found the world of MMO RPG games for the iPhone, and is addicted to Epic Pet Wars, iMobsters, Vampires Live and Kindoms Live. Brad’s exploring Windows 7, and toying with the new version of Ubuntu. The pair talk about the less-than-stellar service they had a TGI Friday’s on Derby Day.

The gang discuss their expectations about Star Trek. Will this reboot be able to fill the giant sci-fi shoes of Transformers and the sleek Armani suit of James Bond? Christina chides William Shatner, and they discuss their fears and hopes for the franchise.

After Big Spock Star by The Great Luke Ski, the group returns from seeing Star Trek in the theater, with one excpetion. The female piece of the quartet has been wonderfully filled in by Stunt-Christina (aka Ashlee)!

SPOILER WARNING-If you have not yet seen the movie, and wish to remain spoiler free, please bid us farewell at the 37 minute mark, and join us again next week. If you decide to stay, hang on to your tricorder, you’re in for a ride! They guys discuss everything from sound design to costumes, from the bridge to stern. There are opinions from the guys who were just barely blinked into existence when the original went off the air, those from Ashlee, who had the least to compare with, and from Adam who is smack dab in the middle. Find out why Glenn was disappointed, why Brad was annoyed, and what problem they blame high def dvds for. Find out who loved it, and whose tribbles were troubled.

Thank you for listening, and live long and podcast!

By Brad

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