Welcome back to the second half of this episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens this week’s geekanalia with Guilty Saturday morning Pleasures, and brings us Jason of Star Command!

Geek Cuisine continues the Saturday morning reminiscing with Star Trek cereal.

Glenn unpacks his dvd bag and shares what’s new on his shelves this week. He’s got Underworld:Rise of The Lycans, Taken, The Hidden, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, Fanboys, Outlander, Iron King and Red Baron. Christina is looking forward to the new series called Mental. Brad has picked up Ultimate Avengers on blu-ray, Wolverine and X-Men: Heroes Return, and Star Trek original series, season one on blu-ray and the Star Trek original motion picture collection on blu-ray.

Christina would like to know what the listeners will be doing during the summer television hiatus, Glenn will be missing Lost, and the gang talks about 2001: A Space Odyssey versus playing with Legos. Ashlee looks forward to watching Fanboys again, and Glenn is on the cusp of 80 for his second character in World of Warcraft. Brad talks about the new corner of Farpoint Forums with the PodCulture flag planted on it.

The Computer King pays our voicemail inbox a visit.

Our shiny promos this week are from Buffy Between The Lines, Marc Gunn’s Celtic Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, and Can’t Stop The Serenity.

By Brad

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