The PodCulture Crew is one Christina short, but the boys welcome Ashlee and Andy in the studio this week!

Glenn begins this week’s episode of geek revelry, and when he hasn’t been putting together his new grill, he’s been flaming his opponents in World of Warcraft. Adam has been enjoying some time off from work, and is catching up on games and movies. Andy’s channeling Alice Cooper and doing the “School’s Out” dance of joy! Ashlee has been to Kings Island, and is working on her pottery art. What is Glenn using to stave off the zombie apocalypse? The answer will surprise you! While Brad is no longer editing The Babylon Podcast and Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, he is working hard at his day job, and experimenting on the sites for The Dollhouse Podcast and

The gang talk about E3, and the games they’ve been playing. They anticipate Left 4 Dead 2, which leads to a discussion about easter eggs in games, and downloadable content expanding the game experience, as in Fable 2. Everyone’s looking forward to the sequel to Bioshock. Brad’s picked up Sonic’s Ultimate Collection, and they talk about the Sega Genesis and the FC3 console. Ashlee discusses Project Natel, and the gang anticipates the Star Wars RPG to come. Ashlee is heartbroken at the sequel to Knights of the Republic, and enjoyed her foray into Christina’s Little Big Planet. Adam has played the demo for Infamous and has found it quite cool, as well as Killzone 2. They poll each other as to which console controllers are superior. What do you think? Let us know! Listen to find out what games each of the Culture Crew have chosen as old-school favorites. Brad is exceptionally excited about Tatsunoko vs Capcom!

We kick the can old school with Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback.

Promos come graciously from Can’t Stop the Serenity, and The Babylon Podcast

By Brad

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