We welcome Ashlee back into the studio for our Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen preview and review special!

We fill our engines with a round of Geek Cuisine including Transformers Strawberry Peanut Butter M & Ms!

The five geeks discuss the first Transformers movie, including what they loved and what they hated. What are they looking forward to in Revenge of The Fallen? Will Michael Bay live up to his reputation? Will it suffer from Christina’s feared “Middle Movie Syndrome”? Brad and Adam discuss Devestator and the toys that will follow with this movie.

Next comes the Geeking and Telling interlude, where Brad shows off his newest shiny Transformer toys including Rollbar, Knockout, the bi-plane Ransack, Soundwave and Skidz.

In Revenge of Geek Cuisine, the gang enjoys Snickers Nougabot bars!

RED ALERT – TOTAL SPOILER WARNING!! If you wish to remain spoiler-free, skip from the 31 minute mark, and join us next week! If you wish to brave the review fray, find out what annoyed Christina, what impressed Adam, and what made Brad cringe. Will it pass Ashlee’s crash test, or become a Guilty Pleasure of Glenn’s? Find out why we gave it a collective “C-grade”. Tell us what you think! Give us your review in a voicemail, or an e-mail, and we’ll share it on the show!

Promos include Podcasting For Water, from The Jesus Geek Podcast, and The Carology Podcast

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