The quad core is back!

Christina opens with her continuing Facebook games addiction and is hooked on watching So You Think You Can Dance! Glenn is playing the new fantasy MMORPG Aion. Adam has been enjoying some time off, and has an adventure at an arch abbey with his family. Adam has also has almost caught up, and they discuss angels, demons, and Cassidys. Christina and Brad watched Taken, and Christina is still a puddle on the floor. Ladies, if you love the Liam, back her up! Discussion turns to the possibility of a Mission Impossible 4. After a series of unfortunate events, Brad helps Shane put together his new kickass computer system.

Cheer up, Charlie! Geek Cuisine this week is Willy Wonka’s Tinglers. Christina shares a story from college. Find out what happens when she and Jenny mix Fraggles and Pop Rocks.

When the gang returns, Ashlee joins the guys, and talks about The Darth Bane books, Resident Evil 0 through 3, and the Zombie Walk. Brad is enjoying his Kindle app for the iPhone, and a bunch of graphic novel collections. He’s got Avengers Assemble volumes 3-5, the Kevin Smith Daredevil collection, the Torchwood Rift Wars collection. Andy celebrates David Eddings and picks up his copy of  The Belgariad, and Brad gets the first of the Lensman series. Glenn bemoans the hike in price on Marvel comics, and the gang talks about the rise in price versus the rise and fall of demand. Do you buy trades, monthlies, paperbacks? What kinds of comics do you collect? Let us know!
Promos come lovingly from The Signal and The Weird Show!

By Brad

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