We welcome Ashlee back into the studio! Brad’s working hard and Glenn’s nursing a sunburn. Adam’s working and enjoying ruling his roost at home.  Who ya gonna call? Ashlee shares Ghostbusters for the  XBox360. Adam’s enjoying Better Off Ted, while Christina’s getting into The Wire.

Andy joins us, and Glenn opens our dvd segment this week with his 50th Anniversary edition of Forbidden Planet. He’s ordered a few more surprises for future Guilty Pleasures, and he’s not telling us! Ashlee is loving the Canadian cartoons on Cartoon Network, including Clone High and Bromwell High. The gang discusses the mock-reality show factors of Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Brad has found Star Trek: The Animated Series collection for seriously cheap at Wal-Mart, and Christina has really enjoyed it. He also now has his very own copy of Jason of Star Command. Christina’s got season 3 and 4 in a double injection of House. Brad’s traded in some older Star Trek dvds to complete his Quantum Leap collection, and pick up Grease on blu-ray. Christina will be swooning over the newly purchased Taken, while Brad’s enjoying Transformers Animated: The Movie. Finally, he’s got the Transformers Energon and Transformers Cyberton – the Ultimate Collections. Adam’s watching Batteries Not Included on Netflix, and Glenn fills us in on the remake of Flight of The Nagivator. Andy’s recommending the BBC Robin Hood series, and recalls the old Robin of Sherwood series. (Christina picks the segment that they talk about Robin Hood and House to miss! Shame on her!)

Tim from The Babylon Podcast calls the voicemail line to discuss the Lensman book and the J. Michael Straczynski adaptation.

Christina’s back for Geek Cuisine, we’re enjoying Jolly Rancher soda, and Glenn discusses the deceptive tastiness of Fantastico.

In closing, Christina asks you to enjoy the talent on So You Think You Can Dance, and Brad talks about the Jossless reboot of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie. Adam’s sunk his teeth into Tru Blood, looks forward to the new season, and the upcoming Zombieland. Brad and Christina are continuing to enjoy the BBC’s Being Human, Glenn’s been watching Blade:The Series, and everyone’s anticipating G.I. Joe.

Promos come graciously from Future Tradions: A Jericho Podcast, and Leviathan Chronicles.

By Brad

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