Christina, Adam, and a drugged-out post-oral surgery Brad, get together and bring you PodCulture’s Torchwood: Children of Earth special.  If you have NOT watched Torchwood: Children of Earth, you will want to save this episode for later listening as spoilers WILL abound!

First off the gang is joined by the rest of the crew for a discussion on spoilers, good? bad? ugly? What is the proper spoiler etiquette?  What exactly IS a spoiler? How soon is “too soon” to post a spoiler?  Should spoiler posters be tarred and feathered?

Tim from The Babylon Podcast calls in with his views on spoilers and his response to the Brad Rants minisode.


After an intro by none other than “eye candy” Gareth David-Lloyd, Adam, Christina, and the still fuzzy-headed Brad get into the main event.  A complete no-holds-barred review and discussion of Torchwood: Children of Earth.  Who liked what? Who disliked what?  Who is gunning for RTD now? What is the gang looking forward to after the events of the mini-series?  Tune in and find out a somewhat different opinion from the normal reaction to Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Stay tuned till the end for a lighter take on Torchwood with a song by Ridikulus called You Don’t Know Jack Harkness (a parody of You Don’t Know Jack by the great Luke Ski)

Promo for this episode comes from the Tuning Into SciFi TV podcast.  Check them out this week as well for their NIGHTLY series of podcast specials during the Torchwood: Children of Earth run on BBC America.

By Brad

3 thoughts on “PodCulture 159: Torchwood: Children of Earth Special”
  1. Why should a podcast that prides itself to stay on top of news regarding all things Dr. Who (and Torchwood) censor itself on news just because there’s some part of the world that hadn’t aired this episode. If it were so, they wouldn’t be allowed to tell anything about Dr. Who past the first Tennant season and the first Torchwood season because they still didn’t air here in Germany. (On a related note, Firefly still hasn’t aired anywhere on german tv, we just got german dvd versions)

    Granted, they could have handled the spoiler better (like posting a link to a forum entry in their spoiler section), but apparently they described certain parts of their site (front page and a part of their forums) as spoiler-free, which leads to the fact that their Twitter feed could contain spoilers (as it wasn’t declared spoiler-free)

    I went “offline” for the whole weekend when the 7th Potter novel was released because I knew that there might be the possibility that someone could spoil it for me. So whoever doesn’t want to be spoiled just should stay away from those possible sources…

    As for the future of Torchwood… the series is called Torchwood, not “Captain Jack”. So there can be further seasons even if Jack never returns (why would he have to return, he “lost” everything that could keep him here) just with another cast. (Spooks rarely has the same unit for more than one season)

    And I’ll have to disagree with Christina (sorry). This season was by far the best season of Torchwood (even better than some of the new Dr. Who seasons). Finally the proof that it is possible to produce something for adults without resorting to “cheap tricks” (like sex, swears and violence).
    I expected the big reset button RTD is so fond of ever since “the incident”, and was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t use it.

    I’d have answered on the forums, but there isn’t a topic for that.

  2. Selganor….feel free anytime to start a discussion on the forums, I’ve got no problem with that at all. (heck that is why they are there in teh first place)

    I stand by what I said about them spoiling on twitter, and take nothing back about it. They were just darn wrong….PERIOD. You mention Harry Potter, and while you have a point, it just is NOT the same AT ALL.

    The books for Harry Potter have been out for quite awhile, so folks have had more than plenty of time to read them and know what is going on. (if folks choose not to read them, and then get spoiled…that is their own fault) However with Torchwood, the episode had not been over 15 min or so before they let the spoiler slip…..two completely different situations.

  3. I haven’t even finished listening to this episode, but I had to comment on the spoiler thing.

    I’m old school, I guess, but I think everyone has to proceed at their own risk. Back in the days when VCRs were new, people knew to avoid newspapers or people who might tell them about a show they hadn’t watched yet. There is nothing wrong with having a little “radio silence” when you know that possible spoilers might be out there. You don’t have to be on the internet all the time. I stayed away from Twitter and other sci-fi and TV review sites when I knew that Torchwood was airing in the UK because I didn’t want to hear anything about it. I don’t listen to a lot of fan podcasts, but I would have avoided any Doctor Who-related shows, as well. Read a book until you have the chance to watch for yourself :-).

    As for Selganor’s Harry Potter example, it IS the same thing. You may have misunderstood him. When the 7th book first came out, EVERYONE was talking about the book, not just fans. There were fans who finished all 700+ pages in a single day, and couldn’t wait to talk about it the day after the release. I was just like Selganor; I avoided all media until I could finish my copy.

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