Christina opens this week talking about her new favorite show, Lie To Me, and Glenn’s got a gaggle of frogs at his house. Adam’s is the home for wayward computers, and has recycled twice his weight in old parts. Brad’s been updating three (count them three) computers in the past week!

We’re technogeeks, and Adam reminds us why as he gives us a full review of his new Palm Pre. He talks about battery life, screen response, app selection and more. The boys talk about the sparring between Palm and iTunes, and how Brad’s iPhone has died yet another death. Brad’s been playing Dr. Frankenstein with computers, and has opened an operating room on the kitchen table. Glenn’s had his main pc at home get the red ring of death, so he’s switched Windows 7. Adam’s got his Pre, Brad’s got his iPhone 3G, and Glenn’s got an AT&T Tilt. Glenn’s thinking about an iPhone and Christina’s eyeing the 3GS. What do you think? Do you have them, love them, hate them? Let us know!

Geek Cuisine is a two pack of goodness, as we enjoy Strawberry Creme Twinkies.

Promos come courtesy of All Games Considered, Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, The Babylon Podcast

By Brad

3 thoughts on “PodCulture 163: Soylent Twinkies – Part A”
  1. Hey guys, great episode. Just wanted to throw it out there that the whole tech part was a great segment. Speaking as someone who knows only the bare minimum about computers and other such products, but it interested in learning, you guys have given me tons of stuff to think about. So my vote is to add in more of this stuff, at least every so often. Keep up the great work

  2. @Shaded Spriter – thanks for the heads up on those! I would say that normally we would jump at the chance to geek with more Jones Sodas, but it looks like those are just renamed flavors of their regular sodas. (root beer, green apple, cream soda ect ) But PLEASE….keep your eyes peeled, we need to get some for the semi-traditional Holiday Jones Soda segments this year!

    @Bryan J – thanks for chiming in about the tech segment, having never really done an actual full segment dedicated to just techy stuff was quite sure how it would go over. Hopefully we still gave it our unique PodCulture spin! (TWiT we are not!)

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