The boys open this week’s geekish bacchanalia, discussing the variations of the Enterprise models.

Ashlee and Adam share the wonderfulness of Better Off Ted, and she’s getting ready to delve into Angel the series. They chat about the arc of Wesley and Cordelia’s characters, and then warp into Red Versus Blue. Ashlee’s having a zombie movie marathon and wonders if Zombieland will live up to the hype. Glenn will be watching Moonlight.

Geek Cuisine is Fudge Sundae Cream Oreos.

Brad’s toy shelf overfloweth, as he adds DC Universe Blue Beetle figure, and Christmas themed Star Wars Galactic Heroes. While up in Cleveland, he finds the sixth season of Dukes of Hazzard and the seventh season of Smallville on blu-ray for the staggering amount of six dollars each. At a Toys R Us, he finds Batman (the tv series) die cast vehicles. What would a Geek and Tell be without a Transformer? He’s got Ravage! Glenn shows off his new World Of Warcraft figures and got a two pack of murlocks for Carly. He’s picked up the fourth collection in the Empowered story.

Adam’s added a USB display for his computer, and Ashlee’s got an Iron Man model and debates whether or not to paint it. Ryan got a model of the Enterprise, and one of The Jupiter II he’s reserving for his “retirement projects”. He’s been trying to catch up on comics, and picked up some hardcover compilations, including Sinestro Corps and Guardian of the Galaxy.

The geek emporium closes with talk of future Transformers toys, geek hair color, Aion, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Beatles Rockband, Arkam Asylum, paint ball versus laser tag, Mech Warrior, Champions Online, The Old Republic MMO,

Our promos come graciously from The Gamma Quadron, The Leviathan Chronicles and Borrowed Time.

By Brad

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