We welcome Andy and Ashlee back into the studio, and as always, welcome our listeners!

Glenn starts us off anticipating the new fall television lineup, and we’re all looking forward to various things. Tell us what you’ll be recording this fall!

There’s tellin’ and there’s geekin’! Andy’s been beta testing Champions Online and Aion (which Glenn has been enjoying as well!). Brad is playing Mafia Wars, Koala Darts, Epic Pet Wars and Vampires on his iphone, and is hooked on I Dig It. His guilty pleasure is the Dr. Horrible remote control. Adam’s got 3D Coaster on his phone, and Free Space 2 on his computer. Glenn’s downloaded Battlefield 1943 from xBox Live.

Live, and will be picking up Gears of War 2. Ashlee’s brushing up on her mad Halo skills, and got back into Fallout. She’s got Stone Loops on her ipod. Christina is ridiculously excited about Beatles: Rockband, and the gang is looking forward to Batman Arkham Asylum.

Promos come from Angel: Between The Lines, The Dollhouse Podcast

By Brad

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