Glenn has got Netflix streaming to his Xbox 360, and finished watching Surface, and Christina gives her theory about what should happen when shows are cancelled prematurely. She iss watching gobs of television, both on the pc and tv, and picking up some audio books for her daily commutes. Ashlee is addicted to Fallout, and has unearthed her Sega Dreamcast because of Brad’s notstalgic twitter posts. She is also getting ready for her move back to the wild west of Washington. Adam has been on a white water rafting marathon, on the Gauley River, and took some fantastic footage with his waterproof camera. Brad regales us with tales of Dragon Con, and the silliness of the Drunken Dollhouse PodCultureCast. He tells us about the archaic computers at work.

Christina supplies this spooky Geek Cuisine with Blood Orange Bats from Dots.

Glenn has celebrated his birthday with the Halo 3: ODST midnight launch, and opens this Halorific segment. The rest of the gang went to various stores in the area to get theirs at midight. Find out what miffs Ashlee, why Brad’s character keeps getting picked off, and what impresses Adam and Glenn. They’re loving the Joss-verse characters, and Tricia Helfer as voices in the game. Ashlee and the boys discuss pros and cons of the new adventure.

If you haven’t seen the season premiere of Dollhouse, you may want to skip after the 54-minute mark and don’t forget to come back next week! If you have seen it, find out what the temporal confusion is, and why Christina wanted to weep. Find out why Adam was drooling, and what annoyed Brad. Along with what their hopes and fears for the season are.

Promos come graciously fromTuning Into Sci-Fi TV and Carology.

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