Christina opens this episode with her discussion of True Blood, the series, and compares it to the first novels in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Adam, being the only other Culture Crew member who’s seen the entire series thusfar, shares his insight. There are minor spoilers, but nothing that would impede enjoyment of the novels! Adam agrees in the distaste for Anna Paquin, and the love of the character Jessica. Christina is firmly in Eric’s camp, and laments the loss of Tara, but not in the way you’d expect. Brad isn’t a fan of the series whatsoever, but Christina shares a tidbit about the books that may get him interested. Ashlee isn’t certain she wants to delve into the series before she reads the books. What do you do? If you know that a series is based on a novel, do you read it first, or watch it first? Let us know!

Ashlee takes the reigns and lets us know that while she’s caught up with Better Off Ted and the season premiere of Castle, she’s behind on Big Bang Therory. Brad isn’t as impressed with the sophomore season of Castle so far, and they discuss the story arc involved. Adam lets us know that Nathan Fillion continues a Twitter account in character as Richard Castle. Are there characters or celebrities that you follow?

Brad and Christina have discovered, and fell in love with, Warehouse 13. Adam is finishing up the second gig of Ghost In The Shell and Christina is giggly about Glee.

At the theater, Adam is looking forward to Zombieland. Ashlee and Christina are eagerly awaiting The Princess and The Frog. Brad begins the discussion about who is, and who isn’t, “technically” a real princess. Christina brings up the matricidal issues of the Disney movies, and Brad brings up the fact that they’ve now bought the Marvel empire.

There be geekin’ and there be tellin’. Ashlee brought her Ice mask from David Mack’s store, which she will transform into a Kabuki mask. Brad shows of his cd from the group The Browncoats at Dragon Con. Meanwhile, Adam drooled over the Serenity model at the Quantum Mechanix booth at the Con. At the same booth, Brad picked up a Fruity Oaty Bar lithograph. Later on, he found a Jennifer Keller action figure from Stargate: Atlantis. Speaking of QMX, Brad received the Jayne “Little Damn Heroes” maquette. It wouldn’t be a Geek And Tell if Brad didn’t have Transformers! This time, though , they’re in the odd form of Mighty Muggs! Christina bought him two geek shirts for his birthday. One being the Tardis vs. Delorean t-shirt from, and the other being the Con exclusive Green Lantern “Will” shirt from the Blackest Night series, from Ashlee tells us about the scary Galaxy Empire figures she found at the Peddler’s Mall.

In closing, Glenn’s watched Creepshow 3 on Netflix, and says “Don’t do it!”. Okay, listeners. This is Glenn. When Glenn says not to watch something, does it scare you, or make you all the more curious? Christina’s final thought is for everyone to watch the BBC series Black Books. Adam says, “Watch Castle and Big Bang Theory!” Ashlee may be off to the great white Washington State, but we shan’t let her be totally free of our geek madness! Brad closes, imploring is to play ┬áHalo 3 and to watch the Joss-tastic Dollhouse!

Promos this week come graciously from The Dollhouse Podcast and The British Invaders Podcast.

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