Glenn has watched Stargate Universe, and despite Christina’s love of Robert Carlyle, opinions are varied. Adam is working hard and canoeing, and Ashlee kept afloat at the Titanic Exhibit and enjoyed the Great Big Sea concert. Christina had a bummer of a week at work, but Glee is cheering her up. Not ever one to be outdone, Brad gives us the highlights of his sucktacular week.

Lock the ninth chevron, we’ve got a mini Stargate Louisville segment, discussing Stargate Universe in a bit more depth. We cover the first two-part episode. Is it just a megamashup of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate? (not to mention Star Trek Voyager) Are they trying to cash in on former successes? Were the cameos by SG-1 characters great or gratuitous? Does it merely need time to go through the growing pains of Stargate Atlantis? Does everyone need Dramamine from all the flash forwards/flash backs? Let us know what you think?

PodCulture supports Breast Cancer Awareness month, with this week’s Geek Cuisine; enjoying the special pink ribbon edition of Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade.

Ashlee is playing Left 4 Dead, and they debate whether it is cool to sell expansion levels to already pricey games. Brad is tempted by the South Park Lets Go Tower Defense game on the XBox Live Arcade. Adam is playing Beatles Rockband, and Ashlee berates Brad for his Halo: ODST skills. Glenn has finished ODST in “normal” mode, is loving Aion, and looking forward to Modern Warfare. Check the closet for pods, because Glenn has NOT been playing World of Warcraft. He is playing Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and reminisced about his growth as a FPS player. Brad is anticipating the Star Trek MMO. Ashlee has been working through inner demons, playing Resident Evil. Christina is coming up with gold from her AppMiner app on her iPhone, enjoying the random programs and games she has found. Speaking of phones, Glenn has got his eye on the HTC HD 2. Ashlee shares the timey-wimey Google Earth 5. Brad has got the zombie teddy bear from Epic Pet Wars, and has beaten iDigit. Ashlee questions the addiction to Cafe World on Facebook. Christina has complained to the makers of Pocket Farm for the iPhone because it keeps rebooting her progress. Brad tells us about Newsfeed on his phone, and has gathered up his favorite geek rags. The gang queries the planetness of Pluto and the destruction of the moon.

Promos have come from Future Traditions: A Jericho Podcast, The Dollhouse Podcast and The Babylon Podcast

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