Christina opens this week, talking about the loveliness of Netflix streaming, she’s in nerd heaven. She is taking her exercise classes, and wonders about the conductivity of electricity of a little geek girl. Adam is drowning in the extras on the Star Trek blu-ray, and spent his day at home 3-D modeling a gorgeous light-filled room. Glenn has been dipping his toe in the deep pool of Fringe, and is spending every other waking moment playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Christina has finally watched The Ghost Hunters “Waverly Sanatorium” episode during her waking moments in the middle of the night. Brad has become his own kind of zombie playing Left 4 Dead 2 into the wee hours.

Tell me, Doctor, where are we going this time? Brad, Adam and Christina discuss the latest Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars. We’re spoiling you left and right, so if you wish to remain uninfected, skip between the 14 minute mark to the 30 minute mark. We give you a plot synopsis, our opinions about his “companion” for this story, and our hypotheses for the next special, The End of Time. What scares Christina? What intrigues Adam? Who do the boys find hot?

Geek Cuisine is decking the halls, as the gang enjoys new Now and Later flavored candy canes.

Thank you to The 9th: A Heroes Podcast for their promo.

Our music this week is Christina’s favorite song by Chameleon Circuit, “Exterminate, Regenerate”

By Brad

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