Christina opens being thankful for her wonderful boys she podcasts with, as well as geeky family and friends. Glenn is looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but they worry about the homage. Speaking of homage, Christina brings up the geek reference to Serenity in this week’s episode of V.

All’s fair in love and video games. Glenn is passionate about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So much so, he has got the Prestige Edition, including the actual (and freaking hella awesome) night vision goggles. He discusses many aspects of the game, his favorite features, and the extra spiffiness of his edition. Adam hasn’t been playing much, but he is busy watching movies and creating gorgeous 3D art. Christina, too, has had her schedule filled with watching things, instead of playing. She is ridiculously happy with Netflix, including enjoying cartoons like Kipper. Brad makes up for both of them, playing his thumbs off with Left 4 Dead 2! Christina finds that Ellis reminds her of Jason Stackhouse from True Blood, but she is still creeped out watching it. The boys talk about the awesomeness of the new weapons, and the detailed gross ways to rekill the undead. Brad and Adam debate the differences between playing a first person shooter on a console versus on a computer. Glenn shares the good news that he has won a copy of Operation Flashpoint!

Glenn facetiously gives us this week’s Geek Cuisine! Smarties flavored candy canes!

We thank our friends at The Zombie Channel for their promo and the great Luke Ski for his post-Thanksgiving shopping themed song Black Friday!

By Brad

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