We enjoy being couch potatoes in this episode!

Glenn has picked up Star Trek on blu-ray, and Adam’s got the shiny edition with the replica pins from Quantum Mechanix. Glenn also got the Watchmen Ultimate Collection on blu-ray, and the boys discuss the massive amount of extras, and the motion comic.

Brad and Christina are watching the usual suspects of television, and sucked into Netflix. She is loving Glee and Lie To Me, and the pair are knee deep in adoration for Fringe. Brad has got her watching The Avengers, and they’re enjoying Peter Davison Doctor Who stories. They are delving into The Prisoner remake and both are vastly confused, but liking it. The actor Christina can’t think of the name of is Lennie James, and they discuss the swapping of accents in actors. Brad is looking forward to Rex Is Not Your Lawyer with David Tennant. Christina made Brad watch Waiting for God and Red Dwarf. Glenn is caught up on Heroes, and Adam is finally in to season five of Supernatural. Adam and Christina both enjoyed the most recent episode of Stargate Universe, but Brad found it lacking. Christina hears the listeners sharpen their pitchforks when she admits just how weak her geek-fu is. She hasn’t seen New Moon yet, and the guys aren’t looking forward to Underworld 4. Glenn keeps trying to get Christina to watch The Vampire Diaries.

Just because she loves Tom Smith, Christina forgives him for this song we’re sharing, “New Moon”.

Andy leaves a voicemail for us about The Who playing the halftime show at the Superbowl, Sherlock Holmes’ awesome action, Left 4 Dead 2 and how Ellis reminded him of Brad.

In closing, Christina wishes everyone happy Thanksgivinginess, and Adam still wants night vision goggles. Glenn is dreading the hiatus for the shows he loves, and looking forward to Lost coming back on February 2nd. Everyone is happy that Chuck is coming back early, but Brad is mourning the canceling of Dollhouse. What was your favorite canceled show? Let us know!

By Brad

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