We welcome Andy back in to the studio for our 4th Anniversary Special!

Adam is waiting with all the patience of a kid on Christmas Eve for his new tv. He tells us about caving with his sister, which is neither for the thin of character or stout of body. Christina is happy with the winner of this season’s So You Think You Can Dance finale, and has begun watching The Tudors on Netflix Streaming. Andy does the Winter Break Happy Dance! He and his wife have been watching Doctor Who and Buffy, while he introduces his son to Farscape! Glenn has been playing so much Modern Warfare 2, he has decided to go back on his word to himself and go Prestige. Brad is working hard, during his most busy season on the job, and he and Christina share their hive mind moment with Fringe comic books.

What would a PodCulture Birthday Extravaganza be without Jones Soda?! We begin with three Jones Zero Calorie Zilch sugar free sodas. Pomegranate, Vanilla Bean and Black Cherry begin the stomach testing fun!

What is a birthday party without games? Andy begins our gaming segment with Modern Warfare 2, and Left 4 Dead, and lets slip that Assassins Creed may be coming from Santa. He is still playing City of Heroes/City of Villains, but has given up the ring on Lord of The Rings Online. Christina takes a moment to thank Kevin from Candywriter.com. She talks about the glitch in her favorite Imagine Poker game for the iPhone, and after writing to customer service, she has nothing but the best to say about the gang at Candywriter. For the great service Christina had, Brad had a bad turn with a Razor Lycosa keyboard he bought. Brad is still saving his last Left 4 Dead campaign for a really bad day, but all the guys are looking forward to The Passing, the union of the two sets of game zombie-killing posses. Andy asks for your casting suggestions for the dream-world “Left 4 Dead” movie. Brad is playing Phantasy Star Zero on the DS. Glenn tells us more about his exploring further in Modern Warfare. Christina pales in comparison to her gamer geekboys, but is ever in search of her next Virtual Villagers-type game.

Our promo comes courtesy of The Dollhouse Podcast, and we thank Rycehat for the song “Santa Had A Heart Attack”.

By Brad

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