Glenn opens this week’s geeking with chocolate! He has brought Palmer’s Neapolitan Eggs, much to Christina’s adoration.

Glenn is on the season finale of the first season of Charmed and Dresden Files. He bought The Fourth Kind, New Moon and Ninja Assassin. The guys discuss whether to buy Avatar when it comes out, or wait for the 3D version. Andy talks about The Pacific, by the gentlemen behind Band of Brothers. Adam is looking forward to Life, by those who brought us the gorgeous Planet Earth. He is also enjoying the callback to the old Vipers in Caprica, and finally started to watch Primeval. Christina and Brad are watching Legend of The Seeker. Christina is convinced that Adam could play a convincing Zedd. Andy has been watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Brad and Christina are loving Law and Order: UK. Brad is finally caught up with the second season of True Blood. Glenn joins the pair, caught up with Lost. Christina is entertained by watching Brad watch The Big Bang Theory.

What is the Easter season without more candy? Brad has found Smarties Bubblegum!

Our promos come graciously from The SafeHaven Podcast and The Doctor’s Companion Podcast.

Thanks so much to Brian from the British Invaders Podcast for his voicemail and to Keith Hughes, author of the podiobook Borrowed Time, for our 200th episode shout out.

By Brad

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