Prodigal geeks return! Join Brad and Christina and give a warm welcome to Ashlee, back in the studio from the wilds of Washington, and Glenn back from his work-induced hiatus.

Ashlee opens with her tales of crazy roommates and Emerald City Comicon. She and Brad toss the choice of the weekend’s entertainment between Wicked and Barenaked Ladies. Christina is excited about taking her mom to see Phantom in Cleveland in August and is spending her commutes to work listening to Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series. Ashlee applauds the new office and basks in the Green Lantern glow. Glenn has been so busy with work, he hasn’t played World of Warcraft in months, and Ashlee anticipates the new Star Wars MMO. Glenn is caught up with the season finales and the gang anticipate the end of Lost. He enjoys the finale of Vampire Diaries and although they will miss Heroes, they agree that the end thus far is fitting. Brad and Christina are loving The Legend of The Seeker marathons they’ve been pulling, and Christina is halfway through The Stone of Tears on her iPhone.

Tis the season for finales! Glenn and Brad talk about the charm of V and whether it holds up to the previous incarnation. He introduces us to Happy Town, skirting anything that might spoil us, while Brad drops the news that it is most likely canceled already. Is the gorgeous Amy Acker the kiss of death? Glenn is anticipating The Gates series and The Cape. Ashlee has started watching Chuck and we’re all thrilled that is has been picked up for another season. Christina broke her anti-American Idol rule and bought Zachary Levi’s duet with Katharine McPhee, which brings Brad to the tale of IMAX disappointment. The quartet discuss Iron Man 2. Brad compares the villains to the comic book counterparts and Christina swoons over the Al Pacino-ness of Robert Downey, Jr. Ashlee encourages us to catch Losers. They mull the pronunciation of Thor’s hammer and mourn the remake of their favorite 80’s movies. Christina notices Martha Plimpton from Goonies in a recent episode of Fringe. In the absence of cable, Ashlee is watching Archer, Big Bang Theory, Chuck and Castle. Ashlee discusses the prolific Twitter posting of our dear Brad, who teases Glenn about the strangeness of his posts. They wonder how Supernatural can top itself next season, and Christina sings the Ghostfacers theme song. She still proclaims her Gleekness, and hopes to get Brad to watch the Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris episode of Glee. Ashlee shares the love of Neil Patrick Harris in Batman: The Brave and the Bold playing the Music Meister. She is freaking herself out by watching Marble Hornets. Glenn gets his revenge on with Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness, Christina awaits the A-Team, an Ashlee is looking forward to The Expendables. They discuss whether “guy movies” appeal to women because of the action or because of the eye candy.

Speaking of candy, we Geek Cuisine with Poppin’ Candy, cotton candy with pop rocks!

Guilty Pleasures returns! Thanks to Carly, Glenn brings us Troll! After forcing the previews of Troll and Troll 2 on us, Glenn regales the 80’s cult train wreck. If it couldn’t get any creepier, the child star of the original is releasing The Best Worst Movie, a documentary of the making.

Promos come graciously from The Seeker Cast, The Being Human Podcast and Milk Carton TV.

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