Brad, Adam and Christina welcome you back to the second half of our review of this season of Doctor Who!

We jump right in to our review of episode three, Victory of The Daleks. Adam notices the throwback to the retro format of the show and loves the mashup of the WWII spitfires against the uber-futuristic Dalek ship. Christina is wildly impressed with the Confidential for this episode, and the sheer attention to detail of the war rooms. They all take a moment to muse on the American understanding of the pride in “the last good war”. Brad talks about the bright new Daleks and about the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Dalek video on YouTube. How would you feel if you were suddenly told that you were a robot designed by evil aliens? What would Davros think of this new generation of Daleks? Is Rory the new Mickey?

River song is back, bringing legions of stone in Time of Angels. Rumors fly about the origin of the future Mrs. Doctor. Christina especially appreciates the lack of tension between River and Amy, as there had been with Rose and Sarah Jane back in School Reunion. Adam is reminded of Warhammer 40K, having the clerics as soldiers. Are The Angels the scariest Doctor Who monster? Are the dilapidated statues more frightening than the divine?

Where will it go from here? We share some expectations of the rest of the season. Everyone’s excited about Matt Smith on Sarah Jane Adventures as well as the appearance of Jo Grant with her fellow former companion.

Our promo comes courtesy of The Doctor’s Companion.

By Brad

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