Glenn opens this week’s episode with Cuisine for we geeks! Muddy Bears are chocolate covered gummy bears and “your cravings cannot live on chocolate alone”!

Ashlee shows off her Mountain Dew scented soap from her friends at If you can game on it, they can make a soap of it! Check out the fantastic ways to get your geek clean!

Glenn shows off his new phone, the HTC HD2, after having ended his long term relationship with AT&T to join T-Mobile. Christina doesn’t understand the point of the iPad, and Brad explains why an eReader would be cool. Would you rebuy books you already own? They discuss the various nerdy modes of GPS units. Ashlee talks about her Twi’lek costume. Brad shares the haul from Free Comic Book Day, including Invincible volume five and a Sinestro Corps shirt. Ashlee is excited about a spot on a roller derby team and the possibility of a new tattoo.

In closing we briefly discuss Arizona’s news, and no, Christina, it’s not all about lettuce.

Promos this week come graciously from The SeekerCast and Milk Carton TV.

By Brad

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