The gang’s all here this week! Adam opens this week with stories (at least those he’s allowed to tell) of bachelor parties and weddings. He is all Chariots of Fire and is listening to Globus‘ cd Epicon while he runs. Glenn would rather fly than run as he puts in all kinds of extra hours, which is distracting him from the fact that his shows are completed for the season (or for good). Christina regales the story of her two-hearted baby in Sims 3, and shares her low carb diet in solidarity with her mom. Brad already misses his coworker and questions the point of meetings that don’t apply to him. Christina is listening to The Sword of Truth audiobooks and longs for another season of Legend of The Seeker.

Glenn pulls Candy Corn flavored Dots out of magic bag of Geek Cuisine! I don’t think a one of them could give them a thumbs up! Christina shares her cool whip and jello mix concoction. Feeling a bit guilty that Adam missed that Geek Cuisine, so he brought more Muddy Bears to share!

Christina opens some game talk with her love of Sims 3, telling the story of her little character being mauled by a bear in the cemetery. She also downloaded Angry Birds for her iPhone. Given the great selection of racing games out recently, Brad settled on ModNation Racers. With the customization of Little Big Planet and the wicked
power ups of Mario Kart, hilarity has definitely ensued. Glenn is playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, but has put it on hold until the new map packs come out. He still loves Modern Warfare 2 with the new Resurgence pack. He, Adam and Glenn have played the Halo Reach beta. Christina puts it out there to have a Fable-esque game for The Legend of The Seeker. The guys discuss differences and issues with MMO games. Adam and Glenn give a glowing geek review of Red Dead Redemption. They discuss the game play, the characters, the art and the action.

Promos come graciously from The Scapecast and Tuning into Sci-Fi TV.

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