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Glenn has been been playing Red Dead Redemption and revisiting more seasons of Charmed. Adam has been sweating through some yard work, while Glenn contemplates the pluses to paving over the grass. Adam is also suffering from artist block whilst working on a health-related piece. Christina hasn’t been up to much other than surviving her diet. Brad has been enjoying his new tech gear and watching TV with Christina.

This is Geek Cuisine to Major Tom! Adam has brought us mint chocolate chip Astronaut Ice Cream!

The rEVOlution has come to PodCulture. Brad, Christina and Adam review their shiny brand new HTC Evo 4G phones. The trio share their adventures of laying hands on their phones from Best Buy and Radio Shack respectively. They discuss everything from screen size to sound quality. Brad compares the specs to the iPhone 4G and Adam can’t help but see the difference from his iPod Touch. Glenn had had the HTC HD2 for a little while now, and the boys compare notes including operating systems. Christina isn’t as wildly impressed as she had hoped to be…yet…and the gang lists the few and far between drawbacks they have found so far. While Glenn has T-Mobile and Adam has been a Sprint member for years, Christina and Brad have switched from over a decade of AT&T service. If you have cool Android app suggestions or resources, e-mail us!

Promos come graciously from The Sofa Dogs Podcast and The British Invaders Podcast.

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