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Adam opens this collection of tv goodness and he’s been watching Legend of The Seeker, as Christina shares one of her favorite anecdotes from the books. He has finished with Chuck and Castle and there are so many questions on either finale that they can hardly wait for the fall. Glenn has finished the third season of Charmed and he is patiently biding his time over the summer. He shares Doctor Who: Curse of the Fatal Death with the remaining three geeks, and everyone is thrilled. Christina is over the moon with the special, given all her favorite British comedy actors. Carly has convinced him to watch Blackadder on Netflix, and Christina adds her psychic moment for the day. Adam shares the loveliness of Life on blu-ray. Christina is still in love with Glee and despite his being unmoved by the episode he watched, keeps trying to get Brad to watch it. The pair have watched and really enjoyed Human Target, and are relieved to know there will be a second season. Christina is shocked to know that Rick Springfield was in the original. They’re watching the new K-9 series, but aren’t especially impressed. They’ve broken bread with Happy Town and are pleased so far.

They pour themselves a glass of milk for this week’s Geek Cuisine and twist the tops off Oreo Blizzard flavored Oreos. Brad shares that he is buying his favorite Jolly Ranchers in bulk from Amazon.

Before we close, Glenn geeks and tells about his new HD video camera, a Kodak Play Sport and Adam admits the unfortunate event in Red Dead Redemption.

Promos come courtesy of Milk Carton TV and The Seekercast.

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