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Adam brings us all sorts of flora and fauna for Geek Cuisine! He shares Miracle Fruit Tablets from ThinkGeek.com. It transforms our taste buds and we enjoy lemons as easily as we would a sweet orange. Glenn ups the ante with Willy Wonka’s Sour Puckerooms.

Glenn opens this week’s TV and DVD talk with The Gates and The Phantom miniseries. How do you think Syfy’s miniseries hold up to their movies? Does it stand a chance? Adam has completed watching Legend of The Seeker, and it’s left him wanting more. Brad poses the Kahlan versus Cara question, and Adam’s brain melts. He has also picked back up with Primeval, but doesn’t quite know what to make of the cast changes. Christina has hopped back into Greg The Bunny, cried like a baby at the Glee finale. She is glad that True Blood has returned, but Adam was underwhelmed with the season premiere. Christina and Brad powered through Flash Forward, and both were almost as dazzled by the cast as they were by the frighteningly creepy premise. Brad finally watched Lie To Me with Christina, and to her detriment, it was a weak episode. Adam found the series Burn Notice, and is really enjoying everything about it so far. They quartet discuss Bruce Campbell, and she is the lone voice of dislike. Glenn has picked up Shutter Island, but was less than impressed. He enjoyed The Road with Viggo Mortensen. Brad is looking forward to The Walking Dead series. Christina watched the USA vs England in The World Cup, and the gang discusses the future of The Beautiful Game.

Adam returns with this Cuisine of Weirdness, as he shares edible wild hibiscus flowers, which he also found at ThinkGeek.com. Find out who liked it, who was freaked out and who chucked it into their napkin.
It is your turn, listeners! Find something weird or wonderful, share it with your friends and call our voicemail line!

In closing Brad indulges in a little sparkly vampire bashing, Glenn comes up with a great episode title and hopes to finish Red Dead Redemption so that he can start Alan Wake. Christina is so excited to hear that David Tennant will be playing Peter Vincent (Fearless Vampire Killer) in the reboot of Fright Night. Not as excited, though, as she and Brad are to see the season finale of Doctor Who.

Promos come courtesy of Milk Carton TV and What The Cast

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