Welcome back, Geeklings!

Christina opens this week with excitement over both the new TV shows
she is watching and the fact that she hasn’t taken hostages over her diet. Glenn is 98% finished with Red Dead Redemption, but is looking forward to what remains…with zombies. Adam regales the ill-fated maiden launch of his model rocket, the tree that ate it, and the hip he injured finding it. Brad teases us with the new games and toys he has bought, and shares the booty he found at the comic shop.

Game on! Aside from a bit of Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, Glenn has spent most of his time with Red Dead Redemption. He has found a moment to download Blacklight (aka Darklight) Tango Down on XBox Live, and the guys discuss the merits of downloadable games. Brad and Adam talk about the expansion packs for Red Dead Redemption. Glenn is still waiting to play his copy of Alan Wake. When Adam isn’t playing Red Dead, he is playing Geometry Wars 2, and watching his roommate play Transformers: War for Cybertron. Christina shares the frightening resemblance of her Sims 3 characters to her real life apartment. Brad weaves his adventure of getting Blur for the PS3 and Glenn follows in his tail lights. Brad has downloaded Risk Factions and Puzzle Quest 2 on XBox Live. Finally, prepare the picnic, because he bought the guilty pleasure Naughty Bear for the 360! There is fluffy carnage all around!

We’re sweet and squishy, just like this week’s Geek Cuisine! Glenn brings us the puffy, pastel Marshmallow Pole. The innuendo flies, the candy is floppy, Adam almost kills Brad, but we managed to all agree this week!

Thanks so very much for our promos from The Being Human Cast and Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV!

By Brad

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