Welcome back, Geeklings! Christina is still at the Hellmouth in Cleveland, and the guys welcome back Andy and Jason!

Glenn has fallen off the wagon and has resumed playing World of Warcraft! The guys discuss monopolization of the internet, and laptop lockdown.

Trollie Strawberry Puffs have invaded the studio and Geek Cuisine is on again!

Glenn is watching The Gates and Haven. While Haven is doing its best to pull of the Warehouse 13 vibe, he is preferring The Gates. For an old school shout out, he’s also watching Tru Calling on DVD. The guys discuss the Jason Priestly Kiss of Death. The gang lets him in on the hidden gem of Jericho. Glenn shares Kick Ass, and the guys share their favorite moments, including viral videos and responses to the comic series. Jason was moved more than he expected to be, and Glenn went so far as to buy it on blu ray. They discuss the merits of blu ray players of present and future. Adam has been watching the IT Crowd, and appreciates all the little geek in-jokes. He has finished watching The Tick with all of Patrick Warburton’s awesomeness. Adam has Warehouse 13 lined up to watch, and Brad shares that it is the only show he watches as it airs. Brad loves the humor in the characters as well as the great gadgetry. Adam has found a special on Origami, called Between The Folds and has sparked a new light of creativity. Jason, suffering from PFCD (Post Firefly Cancellation Disorder), waited for a while before venturing into True Blood. The boys laud the Xbox 360 as a streaming device, even if you’re not a gamer. Jason has also watched The Book of Eli, and Andy appreciates the the closeness with the novel. Andy and Son of Freehold South are watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated series) on Nickelodeon. Brad keeps trying to make the perfect storm of bad with (Ewe Boul) and (M. Night Shamylan). Andy and his wife are watching Dollhouse, and despite her reticence, she is absolutely taken with it. Aside from the World Cup, the couple are watching the second season of The Colony, and Andy takes stock of his boy scout skills. In Christina’s absence, Brad has been watching Speed Racer on blu ray. The boys discuss anime to film conversion and Andy praises Blood: The Last Vampire. Brad finally got around to Mission Impossible 3, and he and Christina have been watching the brilliant Steven Moffatt’s retelling of Sherlock. The pair have been watching True Blood, and Glenn talks about the special Lost book you can get with the box set from Best Buy.

In closing, the guys talk about the HTC Evo and the prospects for increased battery life. Glenn has pre-ordered the Call of Duty: Black Ops, Prestige Edition that comes with a radio controlled drone. Adam entices us to play Starcraft 2, and lets us in on the secret that he’s making his own Master Chief helmet. Jason suggests Just Cause 2 and looks forward to Force Unleashed. He has enjoyed this past series of Doctor Who and anticipates the new series of Torchwood. Andy reminds us that The Walking Dead will be an AMC series soon, and wishes Song of Fire and Ice would follow.

Brad makes the annoucement that after 5 years, he now owns PodCulture.com!

Promos come courtesy of The Critcal Myth Podcast and musical interlude provided by Insane Ian with “24”.

By Brad

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