Don’t adjust your headphones! Christina’s off visiting the Hellmouth, so Brad, Glenn and Adam welcome our number one fan, Andy and Adam’s brother, Jason to the studio!

Glenn is bereft, having finished Red Dead Redemption, but he’ll be back in the saddle when the expansions come out. In the meantime, he’s got Alan Wake and Alone In The Dark to keep him busy. Jason recalls playing the original Alone In The Dark, back in the day. Adam has been watching IT Crowd and is loving it! Jason is playing Just Cause 2 and is thrilled with the openness of the game. He enjoys that both he and his wife get in to True Blood. Andy is getting back to school and laments that he can’t be there to cheer Brad on at the Parsec Awards. He has spent his summer geek bonding with his family and is torturing his wife with some of Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures. Glenn has won a Sharktopus pin from Scyfy and Twitter. Brad is on his own, while Christina is in Cleveland, but he’s keeping up the geeking. He discusses the fact that his Augen Tablet has been pulled from shelves, and has watched Speed Racer on blu ray.

They dudes talk tech this week! Jason shares his Sprint genius and the guys discuss HTC, the Evo, and the Froyo update. Each has his favorite new kind of application. Adam is loving the photo editing apps, as well as the Tricorder app. Jason talks about the Tweet Deck and Brad likes Tweetcaster. Adam uses Rainy Days and Radar Now to check the weather. Brad uses the Qik app to stream PodCulture video. Jason compliments the new Galaxy S, and Brad was excited about the Droid R2D2 phone. Who is winning in the war between Apple and Android? Let us know!

Brad provides Geek Cuisine this week, and he shares Jolly Rancher Awesome Twosome Chews along with the story of his Jolly Rancher addictions.

Musical Guests: Devo Spice with “Flight Check” and Sci-Fried with “Dr. Jones”

Promos come courtesy of The British Invaders Podcast, and outtakes courtesy of your own dear and wacky hosts.

By Brad

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