Welcome back, geeks and gals!

   We jump right into part B this week with TV! Andy is watching the old Robin Hood series on Netflix. Adam is caught up with Warehouse 13 and Sarah Conner Chronicles, lamenting the cancellation of the latter. Making Christina happy, he has caught up with IT Crowd and working his way through Fringe. The guys have a Mystery Science Theater moment. Christina started watching new shows while she was in Cleveland, including The Glades, Covert Affair, and a gem called Megasnake. A huge fan of Dylan Moran, she has watched A Film With Me In It on Netflix. Brad and Christina mainline Eureka, and go from pilot to caught up in about two weeks. Find out who their favorite characters are, and who reminds Christina of Dominic Monaghan? Is Global Dynamic a subsidiary of Massive Dynamic in the Fringe universe? They talk about the Netflix iTunes app, and simultaneous streaming. Andy has gotten his son to watch the modern Doctor Who, and the next generation of geek is safe!

Geek Cuisine are Fudgees from Oreo!

In closing, we may be proud of our record of the hottest summer, but we’re advocating avoiding heat stroke. Watch awesome stuff and tell us about it!

Promo courtesy of The Signal. Music includes Mal’s Song by Michelle Dockery and Leaf On The Wind by Darkseid.

By Brad

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