Brad intros the show to explain that while the PodCulture crew is off geeking (and getting older), you the listener still have your weekly dose of wacky fun with an all-new Guilty Pleasure segment and some cool tunes themed around that most favorite of geek activities…conventions!

In the spirit of Red Dead Redemption, Glenn brings us not-so-Guilty Pleasures, with the Clint Eastwood “The Man With No Name” trilogy. He talks about the kinds of Spaghetti Westerns, and then goes on to share his watching of Once Upon A Time In The West. The gang compares the art of acting compared to today’s CGI-laden films.

Musical Guests include

Sudden Death (aka Devo Spice) and the Great Luke Ski with The Geeks Come Out at Night

Max DeGroot with Con Suite (featuring Rhubarb and Carrie Dahlby)

Kirby Krackle with Going Home

By Brad

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