We open this week with Glenn’s birthday uncelebration, having blown out the candle on his red-ringed XBox. Adam is working on Super Secret Project Awesome and is having excellent results! Also, he’s been selected for a round of beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO/RPG. Christina discusses her happiness working from home. Brad and Christina talk about their fun at the Marian Call concert, and he shares his new Zoom H4N.

Happy Halloween Breakfast Geek Cusine! We have Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts! Adam is brave enough to try it, despite his dislike of pumpkin, so Brad shares a Blood Orange Jones Soda with him.

Prepare to be Geeked and Told as Brad shares his haul from Dragon Con this year! He shares his Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Avery Brooks autographs. He got Christina a William B. Davis autograph as well to add to her X-Files collection. His prize for this trip was his picture taken with the statuesque Jewell Staite. He shares the mishap of getting a photo with Summer Glau. Brad shows off the awesomeness of Quantum Mechanix’s Serenity/Firefly cutaway prints that he won, and the Red Hulk/Green Hulk hardcover he picked up at a vendor. He took a copy of Stan Lee Meets in hardcover if he happened to run into the man during the convention. Also from the brilliant gang at QMx, he brought home an F-302 Space Superiority Fighter ship. Ever so wonderfully, and much to her glee, he brought Christina a matted Fraggle Rock storyboard and Doctor Who’s Journal of Impossible Things. Brad regales us with pictures and the dangers of being the first person to pass out in their hotel room. In a flub in timing, Christina mentions the Supernatural Convention that has since passed. Her apologies, and hopes that everyone had a great time!

In closing, after shots at our ages, Glenn discuss DC Universe Online. It brings Christina to share Brad’s PS3 buying tale, and her thwarted attempts to halt him. Adam tells us to go out and explore, taking pictures as you go. Christina says to watch some new shows this season, and tell us what’s good.

Special thanks for the great music including Tom Smith’s Zombie-And-B and Food Belongs In Me by Nuclear Bubblewrap, featuring Johnna Day.

Gratitude to The Being Human Cast podcast for their promo!

By Brad

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