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We open this week’s festivities, Brad shares his birthday swag! Christina has made him a Green Lantern and a Doctor Who koala out of clay, which leads him to share that he’s purchased Kirby Krackle’s “Ring Capacity” on Rock Band. Keeping with the theme, she gave him a Green Lantern watch, and super hero sleep pants. From her family, he received a stack of Green Lantern trade paperbacks and set of Brave and The Bold style Green Lantern figures. Furthering the infestation, she had ordered him a koala pillow pet, matching his ice cream cake. While shopping that weekend, he has picked up new Blue Beetle and Power Ring figures. Going right on the shelf will be the the paperback of the Doctor Horrible comic. Alas, his search for the DC Universe Green Lantern set of figures, exclusive to Wal Mart, has come up empty. In the meantime, he has found the first seasons of Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek Voyager for cheap, as well as Justice League: New Frontier, Hancock and the Watchmen motion comic on blu ray. What birthday would be complete without Build-A-Bear! Brad has got himself a little blue Peace bear Small-Fry.

Fall TV is back! Glenn is watching Vampire Diaries, Smallville, True Blood, Dollhouse and Tru Calling. On the big screen, he is enjoying Prince of Persia. Adam is peeking into Eureka, and Doctor Who at The Proms 2010. Christina was sucked into the Travel Channel while Brad was at Dragon*Con, and watched an epic amount of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Man vs Food and the entire 4th season of 30 Rock. Going old school chicken soup, she watched The Pirate Movie, and ordered the Jane Seymore Phantom of the Opera dvd from the UK Amazon. Brad and Christina wrapped up this past season of True Blood, and hit the mid season break of Eureka. They kicked off their fall seasons early with the latest series of Law and Order: UK and Merlin. The pair debate the merits of Arthur’s character. Christina and Brad have been mainlining the grand and gritty Deadwood. They discuss Timothy Olyphant’s characters in both Deadwood and Justified. Brad discusses Browncoats: Redemption. Glenn was impressed with how the subsequent seasons of Dexter have raised the bar, and laments having to wait from week to week for new episodes.

Geek Cuisine is quickly approaching Halloween! This week it is chocolate covered green apple candy corn. Find out who found it tricky and who finds it treatsome!

Get ready to sing along! Robert Lund brings us You Get To Have Cake and CosPlaying FanGurls is by Insane Ian.

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